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Last Updated August 14, 2007

Real Name: Lac Seul Mustangs
Nicknames: Mustang Power!
From: Obishikokaang
Occupation: Anishinaabe Athletes
Hobbies: Winning the hard way...
Quote: Tie goes to the runner....


Thursday, August 9th

After a long break in action, the Sioux Lookout Slow-pitch playoff schedule was released today.  There are two playoff pools A and B.  Lac Seul Mustangs made pool A with 5 other teams.  The playoff format is that Lac Seul plays the 5 other teams once, and the top two teams from pool A play each other for all the marbles.  So, Lac Seul is guaranteed 5 more games, maybe six.  The schedule is as follows:

Monday, August 13th 6:00pm - vs. Kamikazes - Diamond B (we are visitors)
Monday, August 13th 7:15pm - vs. Roadhammers - Diamond B (we are visitors)
Tuesday, August 14th 7:15pm - vs. Blades - Diamond B (we are home)
Saturday, August 18th 2:30pm - vs. Hudson Hitmen - Diamond A (we are home)
Saturday, August 18th 5:30pm - vs. That's Us - Diamond A (we are home)
Saturday, August 18th - 1st plays 2nd in pool A.


Thursday, June 28th - Sioux Lookout Ball Diamonds

Centre Fielder Brian Brisket was all smiles as he redeemed himself by hitting home the game winning run in the bottom of the 9th inning.  Earlier in the 8th inning, Brisket missed catching a routine fly ball in centre field that would have ended the game.


The game was close as both teams were evenly matched.  Mustangs managed to steal a few runs by capitalizing on their opponent’s errors.  It was the players in the bottom of the batting order that proved to be most valuable as they were the only ones producing crucial hits.  Veteran hitters such as Roy Strang and Chris Lawson continue to struggle with their bats. 


Learning new rules with each game, the Mustangs learned that they are able to have more than 10 players in their batting order.  With this rule, Armand Binguis and Brian Brisket were quickly inserted into the batting rotation and it was their hits that managed to keep the Mustangs on base as well as awesome hitting and running displayed by Jonathan "T-T-Boy" Trout.


“What other rules don’t we know?  Has anybody really read the rules?” players began to ask of their co-captains, who avoided answering any questions. 


Final score at the end of the night was 12-11 in favour of the Mustangs.




Wednesday, June 20th - Sioux Lookout Ball Diamonds

The first victory for the Lac Seul Mustangs was also the last victory.  The Mustangs fell to defeat against the Hudson Hitman.  There has been no official comment released by the team other than the team was missing several key players.

The Mustangs hope to regroup on Thursday, June 28th.



Tuesday, June 5th - Sioux Lookout Ball Diamonds

Diamond A was the scene of the Lac Seul Mustangs first victory of the season.  Not since the first game did the Mustangs have so much fire power and stingy gloves.  Anthony Trout, center fielder who was on the verge of giving up his position to .... let's not mention any names... was convinced to show up and play once he heard that some of the veteran players were finally going to show up.  Let's win one for the King was the talk in the dugout, the King aka Elvis Trout is considering full sponsorship of the team including the purchase of a couple of bats to add to the teams bat collection which presently consists of two other bats.

Mustangs took home team advantage and took to the field in the first inning, Chris Lawson was named to start the game and easily found his groove.  Also on the field were catcher-Loretta Lawson, 1st base-Grace Strang, 2nd base-"Wild Bill" Kejick, Shortstop-"The Canon" Roy Strang, 3rd base-"The Wall" Sam Manitowabi, Rover-Wynter Angeconeb, Left fielder-Jonathan Trout, Centre fielder-Anthony Trout, Right Fielder-Matt Angeconeb. 

There were many fans on hand to witness the Mustangs play a first strong inning batting in 8 runs.  The Mustangs who were excited by their first inning rally lost a little steam the rest of the game and struggled to score more runs until late in the 6th inning when the Mustangs managed to score another 2 runs home. 

The game was without controversy as there were two questionable calls, although the plays were close, the Mustangs were adamant their players were safe on both occasions and the tie should go to the runner.  Considering the Mustangs only won by 3 runs, these two calls or rather these two players who refused to leave their bases when the opponets were calling them out were crucial to the Mustangs 10-7 victory.

Late in the game, the Mustangs made some substitutions which gave an opportunity for Jide Henry, Ian Lawson and Rhonda Ogemah to join in on some the game action.  Jide Henry saw action in centre field, Anthony Trout move to left field, Ian Lawson replaced Sam Manitowabi on 3rd base while Rhonda Ogemah replaced Wynter Angeconeb as rover.

The season is early and minor adjustments to positions and batting order need to be ironed out.  The team is definitely starting to mould.

Late in the game, Ian Lawson was called in to finish the game as the closer.  Even though this was Ian Lawson's first time at the game and probably the first time as relief pitcher, he closed the game in grand fashion.  Ian Lawson, who has now been dubbed "The Terminator" was so excited by his performance that he forgot his shoes in the dugout.

With the sweet taste of victory in their mouths, the Mustangs looked forward to their next game on Wednesday, June 13th.

In a late development, veteran pitcher Armand Binguis has been acquired through waivers.  His contract is currently being negotiated but team officials are certain he will be signed by the June 7th deadline.  Armand and Darlene Binguis contacted Mustang management expressing their interest in joining the squad.  This is welcomed news.


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Lac Seul Mustangs Baseball Club Roster:

Charlotte Semple

Loretta Lawson

Rhonda Ogemah

Samantha Trout

Grace Strang

Shera Wesley

Wynter Angeconeb

Victoria Ogemah

Alanna Mamakeesic

Darlene Binguis

Armand Binguis

Sam Manitowabi

Chris Lawson

Anthony Trout

Matthew Angeconeb

Brian Brisket

Desmond Brisket

Robert Wesley

Ian Lawson 

Billy Kejick

Bucky Ogemah

David Boyce

Jide Henry

Roy Strang 

Jonathan Trout


John Fogerty - Centerfield


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